mugs on the bar of Cantwell's Tavern

Cantwell's Tavern Restaurant

The Cantwell's Bridge Hotel and Tavern was built by prominent businessman, William Polk, in 1822 and was operated as such for the next 100 years. The simple, clean, classic Federal lines denote a sophisticated style rather than that of a "country" inn typical of small towns. Merchants, ship captains, and visitors to the busy port town of Cantwell's Bridge would have found comfort in the accommodations offered at this fine establishment. During Colonial times, most towns on busy travel routes had several taverns, and Odessa was no exception, with five taverns in addition to the beautiful Cantwell's Tavern.

The former hotel is now a charming restaurant where locals gather and visitors can rest their feet after a day of touring. Cantwell's Tavern is a casual restaurant, with a relaxed atmosphere featuring upscale, casual dining with farm-to-table offerings in the early 19th-century setting located across from the beautiful Brick Hotel, c. 1822. Cantwell's Tavern offers regional fare, craft beer & cocktails in a cozy historic setting.

Cantwell's Tavern is the exclusive caterer for the Historic Odessa Foundation.

For additional information regarding weddings, special events, private parties & banquets please visit their website or call (302) 376-0600.

HOF members receive a 10% discount

Proceeds from the restaurant’s lease benefit the Historic Odessa Foundation’s historic preservation efforts and educational programming.