Corporate Giving

Ways to Give

Cash — in the form of personal or business checks should be made out to the Historic Odessa Foundation and mailed to Post Office Box 697, Odessa, DE 19730.

Charge – Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  Enter your information here.

Wire Transfer – Wire transfers can be sent directly to the Historic Odessa Foundation. Contact Debbie Buckson for more information: (302) 478-4119 or

Stock and Mutual Funds — These may be transferred to the Historic Odessa Foundation (HOF) as a charitable contribution to the organization. For most people, there are definite tax deduction advantages to give in this manner.  Your tax deductible gift will be the average of the high and low market price of the transferred securities on the day it reaches the HOF. Your financial advisor or tax accountant can provide more detailed information.  

Please follow these instructions to electronically transfer shares from your account to that of the Historic Odessa Foundation.
1. Your financial advisor should submit a letter of your intent as follows: 

Mr. Marc Driggs
Morgan Stanley
4001 Kennett Pike
Suite 216
Greenville, DE 19807
Office Telephone: (302) 573-4024

Please send a copy of your correspondence to: 
Jennifer Cabell
Historic Odessa Foundation
P.O. Box 697
Odessa, DE 19370

2. Instruct your broker to electronically transfer a specific number of shares and indicate which security you wish to give to the Historic Odessa Foundation. Transfers should be made to Morgan Stanley, account number 502-090191-033 using the DTC number 0015. (Example: Please transfer 25 shares of DuPont stock to the Historic Odessa Foundation as a gift to their general operations).

3. Please do not instruct your broker to sell these securities. Please allow sufficient lead time for your financial advisor to process your gift such that the transaction completes within the current calendar year.  

Collection Objects – the Historic Odessa Foundation welcomes the opportunity to discuss with donors gifts of precious objects to the museum’s collections.  Such objects potentially improve the interpretation and display of history within the homes of Odessa.  Please contact Debbie Buckson, Executive Director, for a confidential discussion: (302) 376-0600.