The Classic Fairy Tale: Little Snow White

The literature themed Christmas exhibits continued at the Historic Odessa Foundation in December 2014 with The Classic Fairytale: Little Snow White. During the Christmas season guests visited the National Historic Landmark Corbit-Sharp House where period rooms were transformed into vignettes that created the step-mother’s castle where she vainly looked into her magic mirror, the forest where the huntsman encountered Little Snow White, and the seven dwarfs’ cottage where Little Snow White took refuge.

Children and adults alike enjoyed repeating the “mirror mirror on the wall” quote in the center hall. Also included were scenes of the Queen’s bedroom where she sat stitching at the window, the outdoor view of Little Snow White’s repose in her glass coffin, and the splendid wedding room where her wedding cake was festooned with white roses and silver ornaments.

Snow White: A Fairy-Tale Christmas in Odessa

The exhibit was adapted from the classic children’s folklore story recorded by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. Other recorded Grimm fairy tales include Sleeping Beauty and Hansel and Gretel (both interpreted in past Christmas exhibits by HOF). The museum guests also discovered how the step-mother (wicked queen) attempted to poison Little Snow White three times; once with a pair of stays, once with a comb, and once with an apple. Next year visit this unique Christmas tradition in historic Odessa and make it part of your family tradition.

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