Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Guests transported themselves into Alice’s curious dream where the period rooms of the National Historic Register, Wilson-Warner House were transformed into fantastic vignettes adapted from Lewis Carroll’s classic tale.  The original manuscript was presented by the author as “A Christmas gift to a dear child (Alice Liddell) in memory of a summer day.”  The document was later published in time for Christmas in 1865.  In addition, guests noted the 150th anniversary of this delightful story and got reacquainted with the characters as Alice grew up.  This unique Christmas tradition in historic Odessa has become a part of many family holiday traditions.

Alice’s adventures started after she fell asleep and entered her wonderland by tumbling down a rabbit’s hole.  She was led on her adventures by the White Rabbit who continued through rooms that included the hall of doors where she grew larger and smaller; the iconic Mad Hatter tea party where she discovered that it’s always tea time; the Queen’s croquet ground where the mallets are flamingos and the balls are hedgehogs; the King’s courtroom where Alice became a witness to the absurd proceedings related to who stole the tarts; the evidence from Alice where she discovered that the court characters were nothing but a pack of cards; and finally the Christmas parlor where Alice awakened from her wonderful dream to have tea.  This last scene was added by the museum to include a Christmas theme.

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