Family Tours

Explore the past together, as a family! All children in the group will be given a cap and a haversack containing a spyglass, slate and slate pencil, fire starter kit, pocket watch, and a Bilbo catcher. In addition, activities include age appropriate school lesson, a copy of “Rules for Behavior in Company,” and a Corbit-Sharp House scavenger hunt.

Delaware family tours: Historic Odessa

As with our traditional tours, guides begin by giving an orientation to the town and its early history. Geography plays a large role in this introduction and children enjoy orienting themselves with their compass and spyglass. Families are instructed on the kind of behavior that would have been expected of them in the 18th century. Use the “Rules for Behavior in Company” from The School of Manners printed in London in 1701 as a basis – and come away with a great appreciation for how times have changed.


$18.00 for the entire family, regardless of size.

Since some additional time will be needed for family activities while on the tour, some areas visited during a traditional tour may be omitted.