Exhibit Presentation by Lynn Symborski on July 11th

August 2017

Meet historic seamstress Lynn Symborski

On July 11th, in conjunction with the her Dual Fashion Exhibit, meet historic seamstress Lynn Symborski as she highlights a seldom-explored facet of everyday life in any era, and about which nearly everyone will admit curiosity – underwear!

Exhibit Presentation by Lynn Symborski
Sunday, July 11, 2017
1:00 - 2:00 pm

Collins-Sharp House 
201 Main Street, Odessa, Delaware

Learn the whys and ‘wear’-fores of the variety of undergarments and intimate apparel, from ladies pocket-hoops to Thomas Jefferson’s under-drawers, discover colonial fashions layer by layer, and have a chance to get close-up and personal with recreated items following the presentation.

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