Tea Presentation by Nancy Gardner: Tempest in a Teapot

Join local living history presenter, Nancy Gardner as she presents a tea party at the enchanting National Historic Register Collins Sharp House in historic Odessa, Delaware.  Participate in an engaging tea presentation as Gardner will be dressed in 18th century morning attire at her tea table ready to discuss the latest fashion in tea wares and issues regarding the social, political and economic concerns leading to and lasting through the American Revolution.  Tea which was symbolic of these issues reflects responses in both the public and domestic life of America from the 1760’s forward.  Gardner will also focus on the topic of women’s labor.  While the consumption of tea may seem a genteel pastime, it was a symbol of real participation in a twenty year struggle for the birth of our nation.
Participants will sip tea from Chinese export wares while tasting food from recipes of the time period.  A commonplace book (scrapbook) will be used by Gardner to keep the discussions topical and engaging.  Proper tea etiquette may be conferred to those whose experience in tea parties is incomplete.  Join Nancy Gardner in this delightful presentation that promises to be entertaining and memorable.
Admission: $30.00
Collins Sharp House, corner of 2nd and High Streets, Odessa, Delaware
Nancy Gardner has over 40 years experience in living history activities that include the 1st Maryland Regiment, the Living History Foundation, the Association for Living History, various Farms and Agricultural Museums, and the Dover English Country Dancers.  She is also a past board member of the Historic Foodways of the Delaware Valley.
This event is presented in conjunction with the special temporary exhibit, Take Tea With Me - Gunpowder, Hyson or Bohea:  Selections from the Rosemont House Collection of Tea Related Ceramics and Decorative Art, that is at the National Historic Register Wilson Warner House.