Show & Tell: Bring an Object, Share Its Story

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 6:00pm

Do you own a special object that has a fascinating history, or is a family heirloom?  Do you collect objects with a passion and love telling their stories?  Do you want to learn more about objects in the museum’s collection?  If so, then come be a part of our “curiosity cabinet of discoveries” where individuals (suggested age - 10 years and up) are invited to bring an object and share its story.  If your object could talk, what would it say?  Remember the fond memories of your school days show and tell experiences?

Show & Tell

Simply bring one object that you are able to carry in without assistance and share as much of its story as you can. The Historic Odessa Foundation will tell the story of one of its objects at the start of each program.  The museum will not be offering appraisals nor retailing advice for any object.  This program aims to engage the community in fostering an interest in collecting while discovering the role a local museum can play in hosting their stories.

The free Show & Tell will meet the second Tuesday of every other month at 6 pm in the Visitors Center, 2nd &  Main Streets.

Reservations are required; please contact Jennifer Cabell Kostik at 302-378-4119.